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Meet Todd Hover - Todd has officially been with Interurban since 2015, however, has worked side by side with Larry in the industry for 15 years. Todd specializes in all forms of siding and exterior cladding along with the ability to make conversation with anyone, anywhere at anytime. He is credited with helping to make Interurban a recognized name in the new construction industry. With Todd's specialty of exterior knowledge and his ability to give personable care to each individual he comes in contact with, he is an asset to our team.

Contact info: 913-205-9135,

Meet Anthony Morse - Anthony  has been with Interurban since the beginning and has worked side by side with his dad (Larry) since the age of 13. He attended 2 years of  building trades in high school combining that with the years he has worked with his dad, Anthony brings 13 years of construction knowledge. He is an asset and the future of this company.

Contact info: 816-341-1388,